The Web site, symbol of National Sarkozism, re-examined and corrected by Cpolitic

100,000 euros for a web site. For this price, no matter who imagines an innovating, exploding concept, to become a world leader in the domain of Web 2.0

But not, during the darkest hours of France of post-war period, with a world-wide crisis without precedent, everyone realizes savings of great widths, everyone acts in favor of environmental protection, everyone wishes to help its next to fill these blasted inequalities. All and all… except him which only thinks of being made remake the portrait with the expenses of the taxpayers: it is not any more one presidential web site, it is a site with the glory of the poor emperor Sarkozy with roof of dishonor, a design copy-and-cut from the blog of the president of united states, Barack Obama!
Making believe that it had not understood the reproach, the adviser in communication of Nicolas Sarkozy praises this comparison… Stupid Guy!

100,000 euros, plagiarism… to relativize with the displacement of Alain Joyandet (Secretary of State in charge with the Co-operation and the Francophonie) for Martinique, in a top-of-the-range private jet (not an old rotted twin-engine) of Dassault Aviation Falcon 7X: 116,500 euros! (Forget Grenelle of environment, forget the economies)
Promised one had promised to you, after the same underhand dealings of Bernard Kouchner (Foreign Minister and European) and Christian Estrosi (Minister of Industry ) (138 K€), which they would not start again. Such an amount of worse…

The detail which kills : Me, me, me and me!
Let us reconsider in On the 17 pictures (10 in animation and 7 in labels) visible first half of the web site, the part which you visualize in first, one can admire his Nicolas holiness… 16 times! Is this useful to say some more?
Thus to find the only image without its disproportionate ego, it is necessary to await an article devoted to in Haiti. To understand: « Nicolas Sarkozy is the France ». That made think of Judge Dred: “I am the law!”!

One finds even an image with Simone Veil (first woman to chair the European Parliament, preferred of the French in 2010, author of the “law Veil” authorizing the abortion in France in janver 1975 ) equipped in behavior with academician. Except Nicolas was not present at the most emblematic ceremony: ceremony of nomination with the handing-over of the sword. Or how to deform reality…
Finally this web site summarizes all the electoral program of the perpetual candidate of Neuilly-sur-Seine (bastion city of Mister thing Sarkozy): Self-centredness, arrogance, contempt, ignoramus and exuberance. Well far from qualities necessary for a true Head of State. On the other hand, for a smallgodfather of suburbs…

Then inevitably, Cpolitic could not be prevented from judiciously replacing the true images of origin
elysé site web de la présidence de la république française parodie

and also…
elysé site web de la présidence de la république française parodie

why not…
elysé site web de la présidence de la république française parodie

to finish…
elysé site web de la présidence de la république française parodie



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