No matter who can be a teacher!

Is it necessary to be clairvoyant? Is it necessary to be a philosopher? Is it necessary to have made the ENA and Science Po? or is it Necessary to leave Oxford or Cambridge to understand the problem?

Let us take a concrete example: a national company, having thus well-established, transfers at once several tens of thousands of its employees. Social plan. “It is the crisis! ”
In same time, in parallel, the direction decides a great plan to recruit pensioners and students in order to ensure of the overtimes or replacements, even if these people do not have the necessary capacities. Arms are needed.
No matter who, healthy of body and spirit, even more if this person made studies of management, would note with fear an enormous “concern” in the staff management. At the point, that the manager of the company (or the person in charge of human resources) should certainly be transferred.

One walks on the head!
And well by one does not know which miracle, a scandal of management shaking a company could not apply to State education. Under a liberal government (supposedly), moreover.
Thus on a side Luc Chatel, (of the time when he was Parliamentary Secretary to the consumers, it is that which discovered thanks to a famous French magazine of consumers… inflation in France and the abuses!) makes us the great privilege remove 16,000 posts of professors, teachers in 2009 but at the same time, following the dissatisfaction of the parents of pupils (technique of “if nobody shouts, nothing moves!”), to recruit with prolifically of the students and even pensioners.

To hear one representing of a teaching trade union on a radio near to the liberal power in place, one finds oneself thus with a professor of letters left on leave maternity to see itself replacing by… student with out of pocket a license in… movies !

Seen on the tv news of the French second channel, it arrives in the worst of the cases than the turn-over is intensive: count teaching per week or every 15 days… for pupils of primary education. Practical for their stability and their training!

In the same tv news, a researcher of reprocessed CNRS (French “MIT”) renders service” for a post of professor in college: immediate problem, no competence in management of the pupils, with the level of turbulence of the years 2010 good distant from what it could know in the years… 1960. Without forgetting that teaching is done in classes overloaded of… 35 pupils! Impossible replacement.

Horrible brat! (fake
éducation nationale sarkozy mérite la fessée
translation: « you merits a smacking, stupid jerk! »

In rupture with the past, State education thus replaces professors qualified by not trained people. A little as if your dentist replaced with… your surgeon in charge of your appendicitis, under pretext which it makes him also part of the medical community!

Personnel malformed, implies badly educated pupils, whereas they constitute the changing of tomorrow and the future of the nation. Obviously in the passing, the feeling of contempt between the ministry and the teaching personnel remain tough and justified.

To save money (because French public finances are with most badly) and to return to preserve a sufficient level of quality, it is thus understood that the degreasing of the mammoth (celebrate expression in France formulated by a former minister for scientific State education Claude Allègre) must be done not directly on the level of the professors, but rather on the level of the vice-chancellorships of academy and the State minister of education.

Because the inefficient ones paid with nothing to give (or to give anything) seems terrer in these administrative higher realms with, to crown the whole, of the privileges worthy of the Former regime (apartment of functions at rock-bottom prices…) for some their representatives.

Thus let us thank this neo-conservatism seeking to make profitable once more of the public utilities to the detriment of the quality of the service. What was made for the public hospital by wretched Roselyne Bachelot (current Minister for health, person in charge of underhand dealings of a billion euro for vaccination H1N1) , UMP (the conservative party of Nicolas Sarkozy) and its friends seek to do it for State education.

Simple question: For is the future of the country, necessary to let them make?


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