Move back and you will see better, well better…

Two statistics want all to say and which make it possible to confirm the doubts and fears.
– In 2009, the French wage bill dropped by 1%.
– In 2009, out of the 49 billion euros of benefit gained by the companies of the CAC 40 (the equivalent of the index Dow – Jones for New York) 37 billion euros were versed in dividends to the shareholders!
Of what to make some leap the most socialist newspaper: the Financial Times.

In the after-crisis of 2010, we are thus well far, still, of the promises of Nicolas Sarkozy, the famous 1/3 for the employees, 1/3 for the investments, 1/3 for the shareholders. Simple and right.
In theory, the system of capitalism however goes well. Except that in practice, following the example of the French social protection. crafty people, not to say hooligans have fun to benefit from the faults of the system, to benefit from their network to create these same faults, while ridiculing the most elementary morals, even that related to value-work. Then inevitably, if you have invent a tool but that certain users do not follow the note and they are made dizzy to misuse the system for their own interests…
One finds oneself then in a world as unjust as was to it feudality: all for the friends of the power and the rich investors. Little and too little for the investment work tools: seek or production. Less and not enough for those which complete work. As for poorest of the poor, does there exist in the statistics of the IMF or the market indexes of Wall Street?

Thus a minority (changing) more worried to grow rich to the detriment of the others and by the technological interest of the human society, delays the development of a whole planet. That can appear incongruous even pretentious to underline it, but at final, one arrives from there there, even worse.


Take “beautiful and obvious” injustices and inequalities creating of even more “beautiful” social strains.
Add the climatic upheavals there (the expression climate warming being an abuse language).
Pour the opium of the people conscientiously then gold and money…Stir up-well in a red sauce blood of unslung liberalism. Let simmer to increase various nationalisms by opposing minorities against minorities, social classes against social classes.
And you will obtain the ingredients for a beautiful organized brothel. It is enough to a nasty chief cook by country, his team taking care of the low work.

How can a world accepting such inequalities continue to advance?
Finally “to accept” is a quite great word in measurement, where the people trust personalities which then are perfectly free to apply or not their program. In the USA as in France, in the democracies like its parodies, this political liberalism remains of setting.
Because if one requested from the good people his aspirations and his objectives, the answers would be certainly with the image of the wishes of january: health, joy and prosperity for all. But one them repeats, nothing in vain does not come, election after election, disappointment succeeds the hope.

Proof finally that something does not function. 50 years after Neil Armstrong, the Man is still not turned over towards the Moon. For some that wants nothing to say, the sentence would be out-subject even. The others will understand easily that so in 2010, Humanity did not invent the famous flying car, again did not pose the foot on the Moon, even less over Mars, that only Japan communicates by fiberoptic in a generalized way, that the videoconference remains a luxury for company, it is that the delay taken testifies to an error of course, a fatal error.

And Humanity during this period stagnates or moves back, the rich person being richer, in spite of the crisis, the poor increasingly poorer, more famished, more discriminated.
For our country (France), that is to say saying so beautiful, but that we criticize so much, we regress even as regards freedoms and of poverty. But where did “Progress” pass? Should it be reflected only in the dividends?

That we are far from the vision angelica of years 2000 that our forefathers could think.
Which disappointment too. We did nothing but turn in round, by saving the honor by some technological lucky finds (electronics, genetics, nanotechnologic) if little compared to the challenges which we could imagine.
Challenges very often born from our “unhappy tests” orchestrated by naive scientists pushed by the financial ones and irresponsible politicians. (industries nuclear power, of telecom, car, agroalimentary, plant health, pharmaceutical…)

A disturbing report. A report of which should have shame to us, us like our most recent forefathers, those which had the political power and economic. But the mankind having been misused so much by a system where the interest of the community prevailed on the individual, this one decided to make the extreme opposite: the “every man for himself”. In the short run on the human scale, the History showed us that the system functioned. In the medium and long term, the year 2009 made it possible to see and understand the cruel mistake.

The first stage of the change is to note the problem.
Second is to find a solution. Then the third remainder to implement it.
Just do the second step. The hardest remainder to come.

Fake of Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller (A great team for save the world…)
Tonnerre sous les Tropiques: DSK Sarkozy Obama

Source picture Terre dans le Chaos


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